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Newark Lions Club Recognizes Officer of the Year

Apr 23, 2015 02:09PM ● By Kevin

On April 21st, Cpl. Adam Mease, the Newark High School Resource Officer, received the Lions Club Award for Officer of the Year for his total body of work at NPD in 2014.  Several of his accolades are below. 

Cpl. Mease became a certified Drug Recognition Expert after attending an intensive multi-week training program. Cpl. Mease has used these DRE skills multiple times and has made five DUI arrests during this year while working in an extra-duty capacity outside of the high school.

Cpl. Mease revitalized the Newark Explorers program, a program that engages kids interested in the career of law enforcement. Cpl. Mease attended active shooter, school safety and threat training and imparted this knowledge during in-service training at Newark High School. Cpl. Mease was also part of the team of officers that spearheaded a new edition of the police trading card project. Much of the work for this project was done after hours. Cpl. Mease received an award for this project from the Delaware League of Local Governments.

Cpl. Mease initiated several crime prevention measures at Newark High School: he initiated a program to register serial numbers of valuable items (such as cell phones) to aid in lost or stolen property investigations, and he posted signs reminding students to lock their cars and to keep valuables out of plain view.  

Cpl. Mease was also the recipient of the Officer of the Quarter Award for the first quarter of 2014 for two incidents he handled at the high school. The first incident occurred on January 17th, 2014 when Newark Police Department received a report of a fight in front of Newark High School. The incident was dispatched to patrol units and Cpl. Mease was notified. Cpl. Mease quickly ascertained that the incident was a robbery. Cpl. Mease developed witness information and utilizing the schools surveillance system was able to obtain footage of the suspect. Cpl. Mease disseminated the images to school staff and within an hour he was able to confirm the suspect’s identity. Cpl. Mease provided this information to Detectives and within five and a half hours of the incident, they were able to obtain arrest warrants for the suspect. The second incident occurred on February 3rd, 2014 when Cpl. Mease was notified by administrators at Newark High School that they had found an 18 year old student in possession of Marijuana. The student was found in possession of 46 grams of marijuana packaged for delivery in 45 small plastic vials and 7 small bags. Additionally, Cpl. Mease discovered the student in possession of a large quantity of cash and a loaded .45 cal. Handgun. As a result of Cpl. Mease’s investigation the student was arrested and a large quantity of illegal narcotics and a loaded, stolen handgun were removed from the school.  Congratulations to Cpl. Mease!

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