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Local History

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Newark resident specializes in the social history of women in mid-Victorian America

Oct 03, 2017 ● By Steven Hoffman

Linda Duffy has had a lifelong interest in history

The Revolutionary spirit

Apr 25, 2017 ● By Steven Hoffman

One family’s dedication to preserving Delaware’s Revolutionary War history

Investigating ghosts in Delaware

Oct 04, 2016 ● By Steven Hoffman

Since their start in 2011, the Delaware City Ghost Hunters has performed more than 50 investigations of haunted locations.

Aetna Hose Hook and Ladder follows their motto: Service for Others

May 10, 2016 ● By Richard Gaw

Aetna is very proud of its long history, having been established in 1888.

A vast storehouse of history is open to everyone at the University of Delaware Library

Oct 02, 2015 ● By Steven Hoffman

If you've lived here for decades, or if you're a recent arrival, the wide, diverse aspects of the town's beginnings are a fascinating trail to follow.

Getting together to remember the Newark that used to be

Apr 30, 2015 ● By Steven Hoffman

Nostalgia Fest at the Deer Park grew out of Facebook group

Church celebrates its 165th anniversary

Feb 16, 2015 ● By Kerigan Butt

The St. John African Methodist Church is celebrating its 165th anniversary in 2013.

A common love of Newark unites a crowd on Facebook

Feb 15, 2015 ● By Kerigan Butt

Anyone who grew up in Newark has their favorite memories: Shopping at the elegant Newark Department Store, meeting friends at New England Pizza, catching a matinee at the State Theater, or piling into the family station wagon for an open-air movie at the Newark Drive-In.

The New Century Club has faded into history

Dec 23, 2014 ● By Kerigan Butt

Newark Photo Essay

A good walk through history

Dec 23, 2014 ● By Kerigan Butt

The Green, the stunning, half-mile strip of manicured lawns, gardens and trees that runs nearly the entire length of the University of Delaware's main campus, has a rich history that connects the university's past and present. For generations of students, The Green has served as...