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Newark police officer saves three from overdoses in 24 hours

In a 24-hour period that started at approximately 5 p.m. on Christmas Eve, Master Corporal Marc Difrancesco administered naloxone to three separate individuals during separate incidents.

The shared experience of being one, together

Since its beginning in 2008, the Resident Ensemble Players at The University of Delaware have become one of the Northeast’s leading cornerstones of professional theater. With a diverse new season underway, the stage lights of The REP are burning brighter than ever.

Carr has the drive to succeed

Newark teen Rose Carr was named to the USRowing Junior National Team that competed in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. Carr's coaches credit her exemplary work ethic as the reason for her extraordinary success at a young age.

Newark Life Fall/Winter 2015 edition

Meet the Resident Ensemble Players, visit a pop-culture headquarters, delve into Newark's history, see the new home of the Girl Scouts, stroll along a new trail at the C&D Canal, and more.

Equestrian team excels

The University of Delaware equestrian team is one of the largest club sport teams on the Delaware campus of approximately17,000 people

Enjoy the Michael Castle Trail: 13.2 miles along the C&D Canal

The Michael Castle Trail, a new trail along the northern bank of the canal, gives you an opportunity to experience nature

A new place for Girl Scouts to call home

Northern Resource Center slated to open in January

A vast storehouse of history is open to everyone at the University of Delaware Library

If you've lived here for decades, or if you're a recent arrival, the wide, diverse aspects of the town's beginnings are a fascinating trail to follow.

Captain Blue Hen Comics

Newark’s one-stop pop culture shop

Newark Shopping Center: Opening its new doors to a new era

60 years and 11 American presidents later, the Newark Shopping Center is experiencing a stunning rebirth, thanks to the ingenuity of its builders and the passion of its business owners