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The ripple that's about to open a playground

Apr 25, 2017 ● By Steven Hoffman

Nic DeCaire of Fusion Fitness and Deb Buenaga of Preston's March for Energy had an idea to create an adaptive playground in Newark. Soon, Preston's Playground will open the doors for acceptance and inclusion

The Revolutionary spirit

Apr 25, 2017 ● By Steven Hoffman

One family’s dedication to preserving Delaware’s Revolutionary War history

Singing for God

Apr 25, 2017 ● By Steven Hoffman

Vision A Cappella is the University of Delaware’s Christian a cappella group

Art of the matter

Apr 25, 2017 ● By Steven Hoffman

Linda Majewski brings experience and a smile to the Newark Arts Alliance

Porcelain with character

Apr 25, 2017 ● By Steven Hoffman

Since the 1970s, Peter Saenger has created tableware and artworks that people love

The mobility movement

Apr 25, 2017 ● By Steven Hoffman

University of Delaware physical therapy professor Cole Galloway is providing new hope to traumatic brain injury survivors everywhere with his groundbreaking research and innovative techniques to help those with mobility issues

Police search for armed robbery suspect

Feb 09, 2017 ● By Steven Hoffman

Anyone with information about the incident should contact the Newark police

Newark Life Fall 2016 issue

Oct 13, 2016 ● By J. Chambless

Food blogger Kita Roberts, the Newark Symphony at 50, looking back at the State Theater, a survey of Newark's haunted places, and more

My dinner with Kita

Oct 13, 2016 ● By J. Chambless

Local food blogger Kita Roberts is a moment junkie, defined by a hunger for taste, adventure and discovery.

Escape rooms blend mystery, adventure, and excitement

Oct 04, 2016 ● By Steven Hoffman

Escape rooms have been exploding in popularity all around the world. Axxiom Escape Rooms brings the excitement to Delaware with three different locations