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Finding just the right piece of the past

Practice the fine art of browsing at Aunt Margaret's Antique Mall

The sweet aroma and seasonal taste of education

Since it opened on Haines Street last September, Little Goat Coffee Roasting Company has been introducing customers to varieties from around the world

Four chords in the better place

Every month, ukulele enthusiasts get together and share tips, songs and the plucky sounds of a small musical instrument. They're the Newark Ukesters, and they're here to play

Finding the right words

John Micklos, Jr., fuels the spark that makes children love reading

The value of learning

The University of Delaware serves residents of all ages with its professional and continuing studies offerings

Newark Life Fall/Winter 2017 edition

The Newark High School band plays on, a lifetime of critters with Jungle John, getting strong at MVJ Athletics, lending a hand to the homebound, and more

The Champion

In the 15 years that Greg Pritchett has operated MVJ Athletics Training Center, he has introduced hundreds of students to the science of discipline, but what he really provides is a gift of inspiration